My name is Mark Burik and I am a professional volleyball player. Dr. Schur has been absolutely essential to my lasting career. He is very knowledgable and has always been very flexible with me and my schedule. My body can take a beating after a season and Dr. Schur at Massapequa Chiropractic is the first person I see to get my body back in order and ready for my next season. He has treated several of my injuries and, thanks to him, I have always come back quicker than I had expected.

Thanks for all the help Doc!

At Massapequa Chiropractic we accept most major insurances, no fault and worker’s compensation injuries. Same day appointments are often available. Emergency situations, whether on the weekend or after hours are also available. We have helped thousands of your neighbors improve their symptoms and overall health...... now, we want to help you!
Along with the chiropractic manipulation patients often receive various therapeutic modalities, such as electric stimulation, ultrasound, diathermy, hot/cold packs, and intersegmental traction. Dr. Schur has also been educated on fitting patients for custom made orthotics, which are often times covered by insurance.
Also available at Massapequa Chiropractic is Ms. Sandi Clark, a licensed massage therapist who has years of experience and a large following. Appointments for Sandi can be made at our front desk. Her book tends to fill up quickly so please make appointments early.